La Merced

Our Responsability

Hotel Real La Merced understands its commitment to its collaborators and its community, hence the adoption of projects diminishing its footprint in its surroundings.

Examples in daily practice:

The supply of purified water and purified ice to the Guests, that is offering water bottles the first night of a stay and then the possibility of refilling from purified water and ice fountains.

The adoption of a reuse policy for bed linen and towels proposed to the Guests.

The separation of waste paper and plastic.

Guest Involvement

To achieve these actions, Hotel Real La Merced asks its Guests to participate. Upon check-in at the Hotel, Guests are informed of the source of purified water and the reuse policies in place.

Other important actions that the Hotel asks are to turn off the light and air when one leaves a room.

Our Community

In parallel to these environmental measures, Hotel Real La Merced contributes to the development of local communities through the sponsorship of Corazón Contento and Empowerement International, two associations with centers in Granada that provide support to people with disabilities or with very limited resources.

Corazón Contento has elaborated the Hotel guestroom keychains. These keychains were handmade by disabled children at the Corazón Contento Center as part of the children development activities.

Empowerement International provides the Hotel with postcards available at the Hotel Reception. The pictures displayed on the cards were taken by Empowerement International students as part of their extra-curricular activities. The benefits contribute to Empowerement International educational project for children in need.


To illustrate these environmental, social and economic efforts, Hotel Real La Merced applied to the Green Leaders program of TripAdvisor and achieved a bronze certification for its first request.

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