La Merced

Frequently asked questions

  1. How to find/travel to Hotel Real La Merced?

From Managua Airport: Granada is located at a 45-50-minute drive from the international airport.  For comfort and flexibility, it is recommended to contact us prior to your arrival to arrange private door-to-door transportation at any time, day or night.

From Costa Rica Border: Granada is located approximately 2 hours from the border.  It is recommended to arrange transportation prior to your arrival to the border.

  1. What is Granada weather like? Granada is located on the coast of Nicaragua or Cocibolca Lake. Climate is humid hot and rainy season goes from May to October. The rainy season translates into showers which make the weather more pleasant and landscape more luxuriant.


  1. What activities can be found in Granada? The colonial city of Granada has a very rich history and culture dating from 1524. Granada is a strategic base from where you can do many activities, within the city and in neighboring towns: sightseeing, eco-tourism, volcanoes exploring and climbing, rural communities visiting and many more.


  1. What do I need to bring to enjoy my holiday? Although you can find everything you need in Granada, it is recommended to carry with you, at all times, sun glasses, sun hat, sun screen and mosquito repellent if you plan to go to rural areas. If you come during the rainy season, a rain jacket or poncho may be needed too.


  1. If I cannot speak Spanish, can people speak English in Granada? Granada is a destination welcoming visitors from all corners of the world, so tourism actors such as hotels, restaurants, tour guides… do speak English.


  1. Can I use USD during my holiday? In Nicaragua US dollars (USD) and Nicaraguan córdobas (NIO) are both used. You can spend your holiday with USD only or exchange to have NIO, currency exchange being available and secure in hotels and banks.


  1. Is Nicaragua a dangerous country? Nicaragua is rated as the second safest country in Central America. The war has been over for more than 2 decades and Nicaragua enjoys stability for its people and tourists. Nevertheless, its recommendable to be careful as one would be in his/her own country.
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